Seven Mindsets to Awaken Your Innate State of Aliveness (free guidebook)

By Salma El-Shurafa

Seven Mindsets to Awaken Your Innate State of Aliveness (free guidebook)

Too often we try and achieve happiness thinking that it is the key to everything in life. But this isn’t what we should be striving towards. Happiness can be transient and quickly upturned when something we perceive as negative occurs in our lives. There are things we think we want in life, but when we actually get them, we’re not always satisfied. What I’m inviting you to search for and reach instead is a state of ALIVENESS.

The opposite of unhappy is not happy, it’s aliveness. This means experiencing ALL of life – navigating through all of its highs and lows and not letting ourselves become numb to  any of the emotions along the way. It’s only from there that we’re able to fully experience everything life has to offer – to feel its vibration in every cell.  When we fully embrace the  state of aliveness, we learn how to shift our emotions towards an empowering, enlightening and strengthening force.

Getting to a state of aliveness means opening  yourself up to being curious and really digging deep and raising your awareness. It’s surrendering to yourself and life – not by giving Aliveness means experiencing ALL of life up or by fighting, but by stepping back to explore your inner world to better understand and embrace yourself and your story. A strong part of aliveness is vibration, flexibility, constant change and getting comfortable with that never ending flux.

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