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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

We offer support to individuals (and teams)  seeking to break barriers to achieve personal and organizational success. Through a collaborative and personalized approach, our experienced coaches provide guidance, feedback, and strategic insights to help you navigate challenges and unlock your full potential. We tailor our sessions to your unique goals, empowering you to develop self-awareness, strengthen decision-making abilities, and cultivate effective communication skills. Our transformative coaching and mentoring program leads you to the mindset needed to excel in today’s dynamic business environment.

Examples of types of coaching our experts have delivered…


  • Executive
  • Business
  • Career
  • Team
  • Leadership development
  • Communication
  • Wellness/Stress management
  • Leader as coach


  • Customer Experience
  • D&I
  • Career
  • Training/Facilitation
  • Communication
  • Performance


Executive coaching leads to a 48% increase in organizational performance through goal attainment, clearer communication and higher satisfaction

  Source: International Coaching Federation


Executive coaching leads to a 50% increase in team performance through better conversations, improved collaboration and enhanced work performance.

  Source: International Coaching Federation


Executive coaching leads to a 70% increase in individual performance through goal attainment, clearer communication and higher satisfaction

Source: International Coaching Federation

What people say about us…

Patricia S. D. –  Senior Managing Director – Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, PA Consulting (UK)

I made a career switch to customer experience from marketing and was looking for some guidance for some crucial strategic professional and life decisions.  Qaalfa helped me transition and his guidance proved true. My very first CX role was as Head of CX for EDF Energy and moved on to the larger role of Head of CX at British Gas.  I have continued working with Qaalfa on and off over the years at key points and no doubt will be working with him in the future.  The experience has proven extremely valuable to me as a leader… and to the companies I am part of.” 

Anu C. –  Operations Manager, Majid Al Futtaim (UAE)

I had been looking for ways for my talents to be better noticed.  I needed amplification.  I began using Qaalfa as a mentor-coach just over a year ago.  His style is challenging, very little sugar coating, but yet positive and supportive.  He builds you up realistically and gives you confidence and clarity to take the steps you need to achieve your goal.  I put in the work and now just over a year later I have been promoted and was selected to be Majid Al Futtaim’s Employee of Year (of 46,000 employees)”

Marie Cielo D. – Founder,  JustAsk! (Philippines)

Kurly de Guzman has changed my whole perspective about the “need” to have a personal coach. After my sessions with Kurly I am now able to say that I highly recommend getting one, but more than that, I highly recommend Kurly. She’s able to ask questions that don’t pressure but at the same time challenges one to look deeply into one’s innermost recesses.  Once the answers are found, Kurly is wonderful about helping [you] deal with and address what may need improvement, then celebrate and maximize the benefits of one’s strengths and gifts. Kurly is able to facilitate insightful conversations that prod without feeling invasive.”

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