Customer & Employee Experience

Customer & Employee Experience

Behind every business problem to be solved, there is a human problem to be solved. We firmly believe that customer experience transformation goes hand in hand with employee engagement and empowerment. Our approach is not limited to delivering outputs; instead, we prioritize fostering a collaborative environment where employees are an integral part of the journey. By involving and inspiring your workforce, we ensure that they embrace the customer-centric mindset and become ambassadors of exceptional experiences. We always push towards a customer centric mindset and culture where employees thrive, customers flourish, and your business achieves sustainable success.

Examples of projects our experts have delivered…

Strategy Projects

  • CX/EX strategy
  •  Health-check assessments
  •  CX governance
  •  Digital strategy

Design & Innovation Projects

  • Journey mapping & experience design
  •  Design thinking
  •  Jobs-to-be-done

Customer Insight Projects

  •  Advanced customer research
  •  Behavior audits
  •  Voice of the customer/employee audits
  •  Inner/outer loop feedback methods

Operations Projects

  • Center of Excellence
  •  Contact center operations
  •  Measurement systems
  •  Process mapping for continuous CX improvements


Emotional attachment is the biggest driver of value, being responsible for about 43% of business value

Source: Forbes, Customer Loyalty Comes From An Emotional Connection


Employees of experience driven businesses are 15% more productive that those of non-experience driven companies.

Source: Forrester, The Business Impact of Investing In Experience 2021


Teams that score in the top quartile of employment engagement are 23% more profitable

Source: Gallup, State of the Global Workplace, 2022

What people say about us…

Dapo F. – Former Head Innovation and CX Quality Management, Access Bank (Nigeria)

“Qaalfa (I call him Prof.) facilitated a program for both Senior and Executive Management. Qaalfa also worked on the bank’s CX Maturity Model Program and his recommendations are still valid till today. In fact, the consultation has since made the bank to climb to the top 2 and top 5 in a KPMG Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey for Retail Banking in Nigeria. I enjoyed Qaalfa’s frankness during his sessions with Senior and Executive Management. You can’t help but feel this is a thorough-bred professional who can hold his own with any Fortune 500 board. Qaalfa gives more value-added than any consultant I have worked with. In fact, on his return to UK, he sent a copy of his co-authored book “Delivering Patient Experience Excellence” to me which helped me tremendously in the culture transformation program for Access Bank”

Grégoire C. – Vice President CX & Innovation, Majid Al-Futtaim (UAE)

“Jihane led the CX program for our finance business and she was also a key contributor to the culture arm of our ambitious customer transformation. Jihane’s contributions to the CX community have proven invaluable through projects, workshops, ideas, inspirations and so much more. Her storytelling ability in particular stands out. Indeed, in 2022, she was awarded a CX Excellence Award for her role-modelling collaboration and inspiration within our community. More important is the results she produces. Our finance division, for example, was able to improve its NPS by 30 points in 18 months under her guidance.”

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