Suite Success with Paolo Barbesino

By Qaalfa Dibeehi

Suite Success with Paolo Barbesino

Welcome to “Suite Success: The CX Leadership Series,” where I unlock executive insights on customer experience practices and practitioners from the outside-in talking with leaders who are not CX practitioners by profession (eg, finance, marketing, operations, legal, etc).  These senior executives wield profound influence over how their organization prioritizes and implements customer-centric strategies.  They share their unique perspective, dissect the intricacies of CX from their functional point of view so that hopefully we can be better allies and influencers in our organizations.

In this episode, Qaalfa speaks with Paolo Barbesino, PhD, a digital and UX senior executive in the financial services sector.  He was previously SVP Omnichannel and digital for the largest bank in Dubai and now heads consulting for a fintech accelerator in Milan.

Here is the short 5 min version.

The full 30 min discussion covers the following:

  • CX vs UX
  • What CX brings to the table
  • Where CX gets in the way
  • CX and sustainability
  • Advice for CX practitioners